Rob's Nascar Pits (AutoWars ver1.)

A Brand New Addon For Nascar2
Design By:John Kinney
Is a brand new addon for Nascar2.Ever since Nr99 was released last year Nascar2 was kinda placed up on the shelf to collect dust,Beside who wants to play Nascar2 when Nr99 was ten times better.Now that Nascar3 has been released soon you will have to make room up on that shelf cause Nr99 will soon join Nascar2.This is why i came up with the idea of Autowars ver1 I didn't want to see one of the great sim games get tossed in the garbage because it lacked the quality of Nr99, Nascar3. With your help we can continue to let this classic game remain on our computers and give it the respect it deserves cause with out Nascar2 we wouldn't have Nr99,Nascar3 and all the other great sierra games.

System Requirements for Autowars ver1. Required:486DX66 DOS 5.0+/Windows 95 16 MB RAM 16 MB RAM Mouse, Joystick or Steering Wheel/Pedals
Preferred: Pentium-90+ 16 MB RAM 4x CD-ROM Drive Mouse, Joystick or Steering Wheel/Pedals.
NOTES: You MUST have a mouse driver installed for NASCAR 2 to run. The game does not require a Sound Card to run, but does require one for certain advertised features such as Spotter Speech.




Here are the changes for Autowars.All Nascar2 Screens have been replaced with the Autowars theme,In which I must say look really great! Brand new cockpit in which you can see in the picture to the left. The decal sheet that came with Nascar2 has been replaced with a new decal sheet which includes special decals for Autowars.You also get the corvette,Viper car set in which you get 8 special made cars 4 Vipers,4 Corvette!All tracks at this time will remain the same also the Championship Trophy for Nascar2 remains the same,Also the Multiplayer screen remains the same.The DNF,Win Screens remain the same Anything that hasn't been changed will be changed in the next Version of Autowars.

The 40 Year Old WarThere has been a war going on now for about 40 years between GM(Chevy,Pontiac)and Chrysler(Dodge,Plymouth)And who is the real king of the road,Both producing out standing motors the Chevy 427,454 and Dodge with the 440 sixpack,426 Hemi and lets not forget the cars that went with these awsome motors The Camaro,Corvette The Charger,The Roadrunner.

AutoWars I would however have to say in Nascar Racing Dodge,Plymouth were the Kings of the track in the 60's and 70's Just look at The King's record 200 wins 7 Nascar Championships and 90% of the kings wins came in a Dodge,Plymouth.Then you look at What Dale Earnhardt has done since 1979 winning 74 races 7 Nascar Championship, Not to forget what Jeff Gordon has done since joing the Nascar ranks.The War continues in 1999 between The Dodge Viper and The Chevy Corvette so who is really faster With Autowars you get the chance to find out for yourself.